About us:

Hammer Abbundtechnik has now been active since more than 15 years as a producing service provider for carpenters as well as for bigger industrial projects all over the world!
From 2 locations we deliver different kinds of wood-constructions  punctually to the building-sites.
Hammer Abbundtechnik is the competent, innovative, capable, efficient and very reliable partner, who provides more service than clients expect.

Our philosophy is : “Woodworks with heart” !

Our construction-details will show you that we love our work and our unique service will considerably shorten your erecting time at the construction site !
Our friendly employees will be your personal partner answering all your questions, helping you reach your objectives
and realizing your wishes quickly and competently. Thank you for your visit !

The following pages will give you detailed information about us and the way we work !

Enjoy it


→ „Service provider of the year“ 2004
→ Member of the german „high tech association for carpenters“
→ Participating in „Industrial safety with system“
→ Seal of approval „community of german prefabricated house manufacturers“
→ Entered member of the german „carpenter guild“

Our unique wood-services for you :

  • Because of our craftsmans knowledge we construct and plan for you concentrating on the building site. That means in the best, fastest and easiest erection sequence, i.e. we prepare the packages in a way that shortens your erection time on site. Components and parts you need later will be maximally protected in the tied package until they are needed.
  • Clearly structured plans with numbered components, if required description of the optimal and fastest way of erection.
  • Delivery of all proofs about the processing, quality and origin of the used type of wood (our internal quality assurances as well as preservation-proofs). We select the correct type of wood for you suitable for every country and any climatic-conditions and the best structural and chemical wood preservation.
  • Explicit instructions about the correct handling during the transport (sea transportation, loading and unloading) and on the construction site, so that damages caused by wrong handling are minimised  (for example in countries with high humidity or dry heat). Subsequent deliveries are minimised, too. (Instructions in English or if you wish in the respective national language).
  • We give advice in supervising the transportation of the wood, so that no components disappear on the way.
  • Very short delivery times, delivery up to the building site or self collection.
  • We supply film packaging for planed visible wood. Your wood is permanently protected against bad weather conditions and pollution.
  • Upon request: delivery of all needed material, up to the smallest screw in sufficient quantity, including position plan.
  • Hammer slip as unloading-help. You save a lot of time on site, when the truck arrives you can begin unloading immediately
  • Intelligent edge-protection of the packages to avoid damages during the long way to your building site.
  • Free Advertising-CD and brochure including references about our versatility with large projects as sales support for your field work (Short clips about the qualitative „Hightech-Abbund made in Germany with our High-Tech-CNC-Machines)
  • Extensive documentation about our German wood quality norm, which is the highest standard in the world about how it is sorted and classified, and a description how European and German norms are interlinked (DIN S10- ENC24) to support your sales in other countries.
  • Detailed list of quantities and kinds of components and jointing, intended to optimize control of bills.
  • Free dust covers for plans to protect them from dust and wetness on the building site.
  • Free delivery of underlay-material made of German oak wood in different thicknesses, extremely chargeable.
  • Free asphalted roofing felt service. On other words: bitumen rails to stop humidity from the building or brickwork to enter the wood. This will be prefabricated under the wood.

And much more service upon request, we want to satisfy you and work according to your wishes.

Feel free to test us, you will be astonished.